Thursday, October 18, 2012

Behind the Scenes: What Product Conditions Really Mean

Have you ever searched for a system on our site only to discover multiple options that are all at different prices, and went huh? The multiple options and price differences are a direct result of the product condition, which varies between 3 offerings: New, HP Renew or Dell Recertified, and Vista Certified Refurbished.

Having heard this situation explained to me by several different customers, I decided it was time to clear up some of the confusion. So, here's the breakdown explaining what the three product conditions that we offer on really mean:

New: We take all new, never-been-used, HP parts direct from distribution and build them into a system during our Configure to Order (CTO) process. This provides you with a customized solution that is completely contained within HP’s warranty (warranty length varies by product). For more information on our CTO process, stay tuned for next week's blog post!

Dell Recertified/HP Renew: These products are typically the result of cancelled orders, ended leases, overstock from distribution, or returns by HP/Dell customers for reasons other than being defective. Unable to sell them as NEW anymore, HP/Dell sends them through a comprehensive refurbishment and testing process. Once they ensure that they are fully restored to meet HP/Dell standards, they receive a full HP/Dell warranty (warranty length varies by product).

Vista Certified Refurbished: This is used gear that we have taken in and put through a rigorous testing, cleaning, and re-assembling process. Anything that’s scratched, dented, or even looks at us funny does not go on our shelf – it goes straight into the dumpster out back. Gear that has made the fairly prestigious cut is then covered by our comprehensive 3 year warranty (covering the U.S. and Canada).


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