Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to Sort Through the Online Riffraff

While you may know exactly where to go to order your next pair of running shoes, or the most recent season of your favorite TV show off of the World Wide Web, there are about a bazillion retailers that want your biz on the net for your next couple-thousand-dollar server purchase. It can be tough to figure out who should earn your business in a sea of competition, and here at Vista Computer, we understand where you are coming from.

So to help you sort through the riffraff for your next online technology purchase, here are 3 key mantras to keep in mind:

1.    We have a brick and mortar warehouse based in Grand Rapids, MI – Worried about where the product comes from? Our products come from a warehouse right here in the U.S.
2.    We offer a three year warranty – Power supply blows out after 2 years? No worries - if there’s a problem, yo, we’ll solve it.
3.    We’re real people – There are zero robots working for Vista, unless you count our desktops. Call us, email us, heck, even stop by and visit us if you want to at any time.

If you’re still uncertain how to choose where to make your next online technology purchase, remember that Vista Computer offers real people based in the U.S of A waiting for a phone call or email to tell us how to better help you.


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