Thursday, November 8, 2012

A SMARTer Alternative to Cisco Maintenance (SMARTnet)

It’s not a networking industry secret – everyone in the biz knows the Cisco SMARTnet is expensive. And when you’re given an IT budget to work with, expensive is an ugly word. That’s why we propose an alternative strategy to the costly Cisco SMARTnet maintenance service. Instead of entering into a SMARTnet maintenance contract, simply purchase spares for your switches.

Keeping spares of your Cisco Catalyst switches on the shelf instead of Cisco SMARTnet offers 2 key advantages: lower costs and less downtime. Here’s the breakdown for cost. Buying a spare switch from a reseller (such as Vista) is cheaper not only through the initial buy, but also through our exclusive 3 year warranty. The warranty protects the switch you bought in the event of failure, and ensures free-of-charge replacements.

As for the decreased downtime, just having the spare Cisco switch sitting on your shelf ready to replace a failed switch eliminates the time you would spend waiting for a Cisco repairman to come around after they receive your request. On top of that, the spare Cisco switches can be pre-configured for your network, also saving valuable time since the replacement switches from Cisco would still need to be configured.

If the decreased expense and downtime offered by purchasing spares versus Cisco SMARTnet wasn’t enough to convince, just think about this. Wouldn’t you rather spend your money on something in your hands that's ready to go, instead of just a piece of paper?


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