Thursday, November 1, 2012

Explaining the Vista Warranty in a Nutshell

Some of our customers like to ask, “What’s the big deal about the exclusive Vista Warranty? What are you providing me that’s so awesome?” A valid question, given that we claim on the site that it’s the best warranty in the industry. So touché inquisitive customer - we should probably be able to answer that question to your satisfaction.

For starters, whether it's new or our Vista Recertified refurbished equipment, you're covered – at no extra charge. How are you covered? Well, if you’re an end user located within the United States or Canada, you get a 120 Days of Advanced Replacement Warranty, followed by Depot Repair for the remainder of 3 Years. We also have optional upgrades for 1, 2, and 3 year Advance Replacement, as well as Lifetime Advanced Replacement for networking products. If you are a reseller, or are located outside of the Unites States and Canada, you receive a standard 90 Day Warranty.

Exclusions apply to odd ball stuff such as tape drives, cache/controller batteries and consumable media. It’s not like we don’t like selling these to you, but they have high failure rates and that’s just not our cup of tea. But we understand your need for these products. So, instead of our typical 3 year warranty, we offer them with our (still better than average) 120 day warranty.

And above and beyond what the Vista Warranty offers, remember that we are here to help you. So if you have an issue with your purchase (whether it’s the next day or 1,068 days later) just call us and let us know what’s going on. We’ll figure out the best way to fix your issue, whether it's to repair, replace, or what-have-you, so that in a matter of hours your RMA is completed to your satisfaction. Why do we do it? Because you bought your technology equipment from us, and that gave us some warm, fuzzy feelings towards you, we enjoy being able to help you out.


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