Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Skip the Hassle, Let Us do the Dirty Work

When purchasing IT equipment, time can be a critical factor, especially if you’ve run into an issue and are dealing with a down data center. And it’s not just delivery time that you need to worry about, but the time that it will take to get the new equipment actually up and running in your data center as well. Because we understand this, we include custom system integration with all of our orders.

To us, including custom system integration means that you will receive your storage, server, and/or networking solutions pre-configured, pretested, and ready to go - saving you time by getting complete systems versus a pallet of boxes filled with different components. Even if you are typically a do-it-yourself kind of shop, the pretested aspect of our integration services will still be valuable to you given that it catches any problems such as dreaded DOA hardware, etc. before it leaves our doorway. 

We include custom system integration regardless of whether you’ve purchased a single server, or a multiple rack configuration – no strings attached, no fine print or spend limit. This helps you save time, money and resources before the equipment is even in your hands. Basically, we think custom integration is just a part of good service - it's something you deserve to have, not some kind of luxury item you should be charged for.

- KH

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