Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cisco Catalyst 6500: What You May Not Have Known

While the Cisco Catalyst 6500 switch is not a new product, we’ve decided to spend some time reviewing it because the price tag has dropped significantly. This has made it an affordable option for many companies that it would never have been on their radar because of its previous, more staggering price tag. Since it wasn’t on their radar, these companies never took the time to see what advantages the Cisco 6500 might have for them. So, we decided to lend a helping hand and kill two birds with one stone by letting everyone know about the price drop and advantages.

Since the Cisco Catalyst 6500 is now the least expensive way to get enterprise-level gigabit switching, some environments may find it interesting that is highly modular and can easily upgrade to 10Gb capabilities. Both cheaper and faster than standalone stacking switches, Cisco Catalyst 6500 switches are built to last and offer built-in redundancy to protect your datacenter against potential downtime. As high-performance platforms, Cisco 6500 switches are feature-rich with end-to-end security features and advanced management capabilities and easy scalability. With 3, 6, 9 or 13 slot chassis options, Catalyst 6500 switches can be custom built to fit your datacenter’s needs. 

It’s a well known-fact that no one ever gets fired for buying Cisco. But buying the Cisco reputation and performance at a significant price drop? Heck, you might even get a holiday bonus.

- KH

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