Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dell PowerEdge R620 Review: New and Accelerated

For Round 3 of our new generational product reviews, we turn to Dell’s 12th generation PowerEdge R620 servers. Not messing around when it comes to space-efficiency, this 1U, 2-socket rack server is a perfect fit for environments where space in a hot commodity – a problem that affects both large and small datacenters.

Some potential limitations that someone would encounter when considering Dell PowerEdge R620’s versus Dell PowerEdge R720 or R720xd rack servers would be that R620 servers only support SFF disk drives, while R720 and R720xd server support both SFF and LFF disk drives. Also, R720 and R720xd servers offer larger disk drive capacities than the R620 – the R720xd can actually accommodate up to 26 HDD’s.

Yet when compared to its predecessor, the Dell PowerEdge R610, the Dell PowerEdge R620 rack server offers several performance enhancements. For instance, Dell R620 servers come equipped with Intel Xeon E5 processors for a whopping 80% performance boost as well as Load-Reduced DIMM’s for expanded memory capacity, on-board NIC’s and iDRAC 7. Dell 12th generation R620 servers even offer new RAID cards and redundant SD cards for added availability.

So depending on your environment and performance requirements, Dell R620 servers just might be the answer you’re looking for. In fact, if you are a space-constrained datacenter running workgroup collaboration, HPC and/or virtualization applications then I dare say even couldn’t have found a more compatible  server/environment match-up if they tried.

- KH

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