Thursday, January 24, 2013

IBM Can Help You Go Green (And Save Green Too)

Recognized by Newsweek in October 2012 as the Greenest Company in the US for the second consecutive year, IBM is at the forefront when it comes to environmentally-friendly technologies. They even have an entire lab devoted to this kind of research, known as IBM’s Energy Efficiency Lab. And not only is IBM concerned about their energy-consciousness, but they care about the environmental-friendliness of your company as well. Here are some of the technologies that IBM has recently developed to help your company go green.

During a two-year project, IBM worked with the U.S. Department of Energy to cool their hot-running datacenter servers using energy-efficient methods. With this goal in mind, IBM was able to develop a method of keeping servers cool in a similar fashion to how a radiator keeps your car cool. The cooling system that IBM developed places cool water in piping near the server’s semiconductor microchips, allowing the water to transfer its cooler temperature and dissipate heat that was generated by the microchips.

By relying on water instead of electricity to cool servers, IBM has provided customers with a more efficient and cost-effective cooling technology. And since, on average, approximately 25% of their energy bills are devoted to cooling alone, this will not only allow companies to ramp up their environmental-friendliness, but also to decrease their operating expenses. This is perfectly aligned with IBM’s primary goal; to enable their customers to go green without having to invest any green in the effort.

- KH

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