Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why Disaster Recovery Will Save Your Job (And Company)

Are you one of the lucky few that have never experienced an unplanned outage in your datacenter? Have you recently encountered a genie that granted your datacenter immunity to natural disasters, computer viruses, and software corruption? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, you have my blessing to stop reading this post. If you answered no to one (or both), then you might want to continue reading.

The days of disaster recovery plans being a luxury item intended for large enterprises versus a necessary good for companies of all sizes are long over (if they ever truly existed). Disaster recovery plans are an essential part of ensuring the continuance of your business. Did you know that the chances of a business recovering from an outage of approximately ten days have about a 7% chance of staying in business?

It’s important to remember that backup storage does not equal having a disaster recovery plan. A true disaster recovery plan must incorporate a secondary site. This way, both the primary and secondary site would need to simultaneously fail in order for your datacenter to experience an outage. This is because if the primary site fails, the secondary site would be able to automatically take over so that your employees and customers still have access to the data. And if the secondary site failed, it would have no affect on the primary site. 

Another element that can enhance your disaster recovery plan is the integration of data protection software. Dell’s AppAssure, for instance, is a unified data protection software solution with global data deduplication capabilities. Through the help of software such as AppAssure, you can significantly reduce the amount of time lost in the event of a disaster, and also reduce the total cost of your full DR solution.

It is estimated that 30-40% of companies worldwide do not have disaster recovery in place. That means that approximately 1 person out of 3 reading this blog post doesn’t have a secure datacenter and is at risk of losing their business’s data and files for good. While some may say, in this economy we can’t afford a DR plan…in actuality, in this economy, how can you afford not to?

- KH

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