Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dell is More Than Just Desktops and Laptops

For those of you whose image of Dell was defined by the campaign, “Dude, you’re getting a Dell,” we’re here to tell you - Dell is a lot more than just desktops and laptops. Over the last few years, Dell has been strategically shifting its image from a PC business to an enterprise business; and through their acquisitions, they have built an impressive enterprise portfolio.

Here at Vista Computer Group, we understand dealing with an alternative association. I mean, we are named VISTA computer (think slight correlation to a certain Windows OS). But just for the record, we had that name first! So we understand what Dell is going through, and even more so because we sell the Dell enterprise products.

We focus on Dell PowerEdge servers and Dell PowerVault and Dell EqualLogic storage.  Dell PowerEdge servers encompass tower, rack and blade server form factors with Intel or AMD processor options and impressive technology features. The Dell PowerVault and EqualLogic storage lines provide disk storage for SMBs to the enterprise.

Targeted towards the SMB, the Dell PowerVault storage line includes Direct-Attached Storage (DAS), Network-Attached Storage (NAS) and even Shared Storage Area Networks (SANs) at cost-effective, entry-level prices. Targeted more towards the enterprise, the Dell EqualLogic storage line provides an iSCSI SAN solution with scale-out, virtualized storage technologies.

So the next time you’re thinking about making an enterprise technology purchase, remember that Dell is more than just laptops and desktops, it’s a strong technology option for your business needs whether you are an SMB or large enterprise. And not just Dell, but Vista (AHEM, the original Vista that is) is an experienced technology partner that can help you with Dell enterprise products.


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