Thursday, March 28, 2013

IBM System Storage DS3500 - CFW 7.84 Release

Great news for IBM System Storage DS3500 customers – there’s a new Controller Firmware (CFW) in town. The Controller Firmware (CFW) 7.84 release brings even more powerful features to the table with even easier premium feature ordering.

Some of the new, free-of-charge features included in the 7.84 release include full disk encryption, up to 128 partitions, up to 32 enhanced FlashCopies, and up to 256 VolumeCopies. And what’s even more awesome - if you have a current support contract, you are entitled to a FREE UPGRADE to the latest firmware.

And that’s not even the half of it. Additional (and not to mention GRATIS) features offered through CFW version 7.84 include IP Mirroring and Super Key. These features provide DS3500 storage systems with the functionality for performance read cache, disaster recovery options, and backup and restore options. Plus, all of the previous options (such as Turbo Performance Option or 96 to 192 Drive Enclosure Expansion keys) will remain available and functional.

Last but not least, other CFW version 7.84 features include optional AIX/VIOS Host Kits, HP-UX Host Kits, Linux on Power Host Kits, and Mac OS Host Kits. You now have the option of a Solaris Host Kit.  This new kit will provide entitlement and support for servers that host a Solaris OS and are used with IBM DS3500s.

So, the question remains. Are you going to take a closer look at the DS3500?


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  1. Firmware version 7.84 also features datapools. We did some tests and we will migrate our DS3500 boxes to a datapool concept. Datapool is based on raid-6 but all data is striped in a way that rebuilds are no longer applicable. Hotspare disks are no longer required since these are now part of the datapool.