Thursday, April 18, 2013

How Dell Fits an Entire Datacenter in a Blade Chassis

Since we’ve harped on it before, WE know that YOU know that Dell is more than just laptops and desktops. But while you know that Dell can outfit your datacenter with everything that you need, did you know that Dell has magic powers (okay, more like some pretty genius techies) and can actually provide you with an entire datacenter in a single blade chassis?

Thanks to the ingenuity at Dell, a pre-configured datacenter is something that we can provide you both easily and less expensively than you might expect. Due to the space-efficiency of many Dell products, we can outfit a M1000e blade chassis with servers, storage and networking – all of the major computing systems that you would need for your datacenter.

While the M1000e blade chassis is a required element of the pre-configured datacenter solution, the blade chassis can be outfitted with any combination of blades that you desire, whether it’s a M815 or a M600 blade – the choice is yours. You also have a multitude of networking options, which will depend on your requirements; whether you need data center bridging (DCB), Fibre Channel (FC) or Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), etc.

Another necessary component of the pre-configured datacenter solution is the storage piece. The Dell EqualLogic PS-M4110 is the only storage blade array that can complete the solution and turn this fully configured chassis into a fully functioning datacenter. Quite frankly, if chassis could talk the M1000e would be saying to the PS-M4110, you complete me.

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