Thursday, May 16, 2013

How IBM is Driving Smarter Banking in Nigeria

Did you know? According to a recent statement made by IBM, 77% of their enterprise-class servers are being used to power mission-critical banking applications in Nigeria (the legit ones, not the ones run by that Nigerian prince who keeps emailing you).

So what is it about IBM enterprise servers that make them so popular in this particular industry and country? Well, for starters, the powerful cooling capabilities developed by IBM are both energy-efficient and cost-saving. By relying on water instead of electricity to cool their servers, IBM has provided customers with a more robust and efficient water-cooling technology. 

(We can only imagine that this would be an influential factor when it comes to choosing a server manufacturer in a country with an average temperature of 80 degrees.)

Another key feature of IBM enterprise servers is the emphasis on managing big data with ease and without a lot of expense. IBM has developed two technologies specifically for big data: an analysis accelerator that will speed up data analytics reports, and a Big Data appliance. Not yet released, IBM’s Big Data appliance will feature a combination of hardware and software that will enable organizations to ask questions and receive automated answers from their own data.

And in an industry like banking with continual transactions, real-time market feeds, customer-service records, correspondence and even social media posts, it’s evident that how the manufacturer handles big data is a critical factor in selecting a server. Through their focus on big data, IBM allows these banks to minimize risk, streamline operations and place more emphasis on the customer and their experience.

In the end, it’s clear to see why IBM is making such an impression with the Nigerian banking industry – through a unique combination of cooling and big data technologies that align with their needs.

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