Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dell's Take on the Q2 2013 Server Market

Q1 2013 data shows that server market revenue has declined in a year-over-year comparison to 2012. As many expected, the UNIX-based servers are responsible for the majority of the revenue decline, with a much smaller decline shown in Linux-based servers.

While our last post discussed the server market from HP's point-of-view, we're now going to take a look from Dell's perspective. Recently released data shows that Dell is performing better than the majority of their major competitors in the server market. In fact, analysts at the Goldman Sachs Group have observed that out of industry giants Dell, HP and IBM, Dell was the only one to gain server revenue as well as server shipments year-on-year.

What has lead Dell to see success in the server market where others haven’t? One factor has been Dell’s aggressive response to price competition not only through itself, but through its channel partners. Dell has also made many hardware improvements to its server offerings with the most recent 12th generation PowerEdge product line.

Overall, HP maintains the largest server market share when it comes to worldwide server shipments, with IBM in 3rd place. However, Dell is coming up fast from 2nd place.  It will be interesting to see what an analysis of Q2 2013 server market data will shows us. 

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