Friday, June 28, 2013

The Advantages of Third-Party Networking Optics

Did you know that we offer third party networking optics covered by a lifetime warranty? Guaranteed to work as good as the manufacturer’s brand, our third-party optics seamlessly deliver Gb and 10Gb fiber connections to your datacenter switches – regardless of the brand of switch you own.

Let me explain the advantage of having a lifetime warranty on your networking optics.  If your optics are damaged at any time (without any extraordinary circumstances – basically don’t go throwing it off the roof top of your building) – you’re covered!

And if the complete peace of mind that this lifetime warranty offers doesn’t quite convince you that our third-party optics are the way to go, then it could come down to the big question – what’s it going to cost me? Our third-party optics are a very affordable option designed to fit well within constrained IT budgets.

So just remember, our third party optics are guaranteed to work as well as the OEM, offer a lifetime warranty, and will do their part in alleviating any stress caused by your IT budget.

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